Percussion instruments: Drumming to the beat of your own music

The most popular forms of modern percussion instruments are the drum and piano. Percussion instruments are different from other instruments because they produce sounds that are more consistent with booms, bangs and pings (like the triangle) rather than whistles or plucks as in horns and guitars. Referred to simply as percussion instruments, they are divided …

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History of the Guitar

Musical instruments are not just fascinating because of the majestic sounds that they create when played, but also because of the history and craftsmanship that went into making them. Guitars have a lengthy and interesting history that has been largely debated and disputed and perhaps always will be. Historians once believed that modern day acoustic …

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The sound’s of modern music

For those of you who have lived in the world of digital music it might be difficult for you to imagine exactly how your ancestors survived each day without the sounds of music being pumped into the airwaves. Music and music lessons have actually been around since the dawn of man, however it was often …

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